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Introduction Restore Call Details

I well show about you Restore Call Details In the age of smartphones, our devices are more than just communication tools; they are repositories of our digital lives. We store a plethora of information on them, including text messages and call logs, which often hold sentimental and vital data.

Losing these messages or call logs due to accidental deletion or device failure can be distressing. To safeguard against such losses, E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore emerges as a reliable solution.

E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore: An Overview

E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore is a feature-rich mobile application designed to secure your SMS messages and call logs by creating backups and allowing seamless restoration.

Available for Android devices, this application offers a hassle-free way to ensure the preservation of your important communication records.

Key Features of E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore

Effortless Backup: E2PDF makes it simple to back up your SMS messages and call logs. With just a few taps, you can initiate a backup process that will safeguard your data.

Multiple Backup Options: The application offers a range of backup options. You can choose to back up your SMS messages and call logs to your device’s storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, or email. This versatility ensures that you have multiple copies of your data, reducing the risk of data loss.


Scheduled Backups: E2PDF allows you to set up automated, scheduled backups. This ensures that your data is regularly saved, even if you forget to do it manually.

Selective Backup and Restore: You have the freedom to select specific conversations or call logs to back up or restore, giving you control over what data you want to preserve.

Offline Access: Even without an internet connection, you can access your backed-up data, making it convenient for users who travel frequently or have limited connectivity.

Password Protection: For added security, E2PDF allows you to set a password for accessing your backed-up data, ensuring that your personal information remains confidential.

File Formats: The application supports multiple file formats for backups, including PDF, HTML, and plain text, giving you the flexibility to choose the format that suits your needs.

User-Friendly Interface: E2PDF boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both tech-savvy users and those less familiar with mobile applications.

Data Security: E2PDF ensures that your SMS messages and call logs are stored securely, protecting them from accidental deletion, device failure, or other data loss scenarios.


Convenience: The app’s automation features, such as scheduled backups, reduce the need for manual intervention, making it a convenient solution for users with busy lifestyles.

Versatility: With the ability to back up to multiple locations, E2PDF provides redundancy, guaranteeing that your data is always accessible, regardless of your circumstances.

Privacy: The option to password-protect your backups adds an extra layer of privacy, preventing unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

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Ease of Use: E2PDF’s straightforward interface ensures that users of all technical backgrounds can quickly and easily back up and restore their SMS messages and call logs.

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